• Remember Stamp Duty!
    Tue 07 May 2013

    Mortgage Director at Halifax, Craig McKinlay recently advised on houseladder.co.uk that people buying a property can overlook Stamp Duty because they tend to focus on other aspects of purchasing a property.

    To help customers with this cost Halifax revealed it will cover the cost of Stamp Duty (up to £2,500) for first-time buyers applying for a mortgage with the lender.

    Mr McKinlay commented: "Stamp Duty can often be a cost that is overlooked, particularly for buyers who are focussed on saving an initial deposit for a house."

    Halifax is eager to provide help for individuals looking to buy their first property and remove financial barriers at an already costly time. Halifax will pay 1% of the cost of the property to the solicitor on completion, meaning Halifax will pay £2,500 to people buying a home for £250,000.  

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